5 Reasons Your Church Needs An App

5 Reasons Your Church Needs An App

#5 Inform Members

A major struggle in the modern day church is informing its own members as to what is going on. How many times have you been asked when is the (fill in the blank) or what is the deadline for (fill in the blank). With an app, you can say “There’s an app for that!” When you have to cancel service it’s as easy as sending a push notification to all your members to tell them church is canceled. No calling this person or texting that person. Tell everyone instantly!

#4 Connect With Church Members

How much closer can you be than to be in their pocket? But seriously, letting you be on someone’s phone is the greatest gift they can give you. No more algorithms to hide your content or web pages to type in simply open the app and all of your content will be instantly available to all of your church members!

#3 Engage Members

Create an atmosphere that your members can use to connect with you and with God. With things such as built-in chat, prayer request boards, your live stream, live chat, and more you can easily foster engagement and be connected with your members in ways never dreamed of before!

#2 Return On Investment

Let’s be honest something has to pay the bills. You may be thinking, “This all sounds nice and all but how can an app pay for itself?” Well, I’m glad you asked!  I’m sure you have heard of online giving and maybe even in-app giving which is great too but have you ever thought of offering a place to donate alongside your stream? When the congregation gives your online audience can join the fun too! Why should they be left out? Churches that accept tithing digitally increase overall donations by 32%.

#1 Build A Community

Often times church members tend to ignore each other (which is not good, obviously). With an app, you can build a community by creating a small social media platform. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you can use this to connect your members, let them share a prayer request, and more!

How Can I Build An App?

We suggest using software such a fluro.io which allows you to build it yourself! there are many options available which we will cover in a future article, but by building it yourself you will save money and get a better product!