5 Criteria Every Logo Must Meet In 2019 And Beyond

Let’s face it logos have to be updated. What looked “dope” ten years ago isn’t “lit” today. We have to adapt and grow in order to reach people with the gospel. So here are a few rules that all logos should follow!


Rule #1: It Must Look Good Recolored



Often times logos have to be recolored to an all black or all white version and the above logo simply can’t. Try to avoid backgrounds on logos in the primary version of your design. Thankfully this logo has another version which does not have a background.





Rule #2: It Must Look Good In Both Digital & Print

Keep in mind that what shows up great your big computer screen may be unreadable on a cell phone! Another thing to remember is that when on print it is much easier to see the imperfections, so be sure that everything is cleaned up, high quality, and has smooth edges before sending it to print!



Rule #3: It Must Be Transparent

We sorta covered this in rule one but I want to stress this because it is very very important. These two images are the exact same graphic only with one difference, image one has a transparent logo and image two has a nontransparent logo. (See the difference?) Transparent logos are essential and it’s nearly impossible to create a good design without one. The most common file type that supports transparency is .png so be sure to always export your logos in that format!

With Transparent Logo:

Without Transparent Logo:



Rule #4: It Must Have A Square Version

This rule is mainly important for social media and websites however, all logos should have it. In this example we will be using The Church Factory’s logo. As you can see in the images the square (sometimes called Icon) “F” logo version looks 5,000 times better than using the “Factory” version. Especially on Insta and Twitter square logo versions are necessary in order for people to even be able to read your logo.

Square “F” Logo:

Standard “Factory” Logo:



Rule #5: It Must Be Clean & Not Messy

The biggest mistake I see in logos are that they are messy and often times plain ugly. Keep things clean and tidy. When I’m designing I like to think of Material Design and Minimalist guidelines in order to keep it simple. While you do not have to stick to a minimalist design, less is always better when it comes to logos.


I tried to have some fun with this one by making the worst possible logo I could imagine. What is wrong with this, you may ask?

  1. Clip Art. Never ever use clip art. Clip art will ruin the world and make the world as we know it melt to pixels! Well, maybe not that harsh but clip art is BAD. Very, very BAD!
  2. Fonts. Okay, for those of you that do not recognize every font you see walking through a department store… The two fonts used in this design are Times News Roman and Papyrus. What’s wrong with that? When designing try to stay in the same font family, Times News Roman is the most over used fort, and Papyrus is the most made fun of font. So don’t do it. Ever.
  3. Layout. In this design there is no layout at all. It’s just tons of clip art scattered throughout an image with no clear purpose. 

Mackenly Jones

Mackenly Jones

Founder of The Church Factory

I am the founder of The Church Factory and Tricities Media Group.

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