How To Add Facebook Pixel To Your Wordpress Site

How To Add Facebook Pixel To Your Wordpress Site

Step 1: Getting Your Pixel Ready

The first step to adding a Pixel to your site is creating it in the Facebook Ads Manager. After creation your pixel you will need to install it on your site. When you click “Set up Pixel” the following view will pop up. In this tutorial we will be selecting “Connect a Partner Platform” since Facebook has provided a WordPress plugin.

Install Pixel Screen In Ad Manager

After selecting “Connect a Partner Platform” the following will appear. Scroll down until you find WordPress and select it.

Choose a Partner screen in Ad Manager

Select “Turn On Advanced Matching for WordPress” however your site’s privacy policy may need to be updated accordingly.

Connect Your WordPress Account options

Step 2: Preparing Your WordPress Site

We are now going to switch over to our WordPress site and add a new plugin to our site called “Official Facebook Pixel” by Facebook. Install and Activate the plugin.

Official Facebook Pixel plugin

Now that our new plugin is installed and activated we can go to Settings>Facebook Pixel to access the plugin’s options.

Facebook Pixel options in the WordPress dashboard

On the plugin’s options page we need to copy and paste our Pixel’s ID that we created earlier. You may find your Pixel’s ID in the Ad Manager (See second image).

Plugin options
Finding your Pixel’s ID

Step 3: Activating Your Pixel

Now it’s time to get your pixel up and running! Back in Ad Manager skip over to step 6 because we completed the other steps in WordPress a few minutes ago. On step 6 paste your site’s URL into the field and click “Send Test Traffic.” Once the test is complete your Pixel will be activated and ready to start recording traffic on your site!

Verify Connection

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Do you think we left something out? Let us know!