How To Add Facebook Chat To Your Website


First of all, we will be using Divi ran on WordPress and we will be using Dreamhost ($25 Off When You Purchase With This Link) to host our site.


Step 1: Get Code From Facebook

Log into Facebook and go to your page. Then click Settings in the top right, Messenger Platform, and scroll down to Customer Chat Plugin.



Step 2: Set Up

Now click the Set Up button which will open a dialog to create your code.

Click Next, then customize your language and a special greeting message. When ready you may click Next.

This page allows you to set your “Response Time” and customize the color of the pop-up. If you are not sure how fast you respond we suggest choosing Automatically set response time. Once complete click Next.

We’re almost there! This page asks you which domains your popup will be used on and gives you the option to send instructions to your developer.

Editors Note: We suggest adding a https, http, www, and non www version of your domain. Example:

Now go ahead and copy the code on the right and click Finish.


Step 3: Adding The Code To Your Site

Navigate to your Divi Theme Options and click the Integrations tab.

Scroll to Add code to the < body > and paste your code in the box.

Then click Save Changes.



Your site should now have Facebook chat!

Mackenly Jones

Mackenly Jones

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I am the founder of The Church Factory and Tricities Media Group.

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