Dreamhost’s Remixer Website Builder

Have you seen Dreamhost’s new Remixer? It’s included in the Shared Unlimited plan.


As soon as I logged into Remixer it took me to this page. I’m going to scroll down to the Capture template because it looks “churchy.”

After selecting a theme it takes me to a nice looking drag and drop builder! (So far impressed)

Okay, so this is pretty neat! It has allowed me to create a simple yet advanced page but how can I publish it?

Editor Note: TBH when I started this guide I had no clue that Remixer exported to WordPress, I thought it was just another site builder.

To publish simply click the rocket ship and then to export to WordPress simply click the WordPress button! That’s all! It will then export your site to WordPress and allow you to go straight to wp-admin as soon as it finishes! Pretty neat right?

To View My Test Site Go Here


In conclusion, my review of Remixer is positive! It allows you to create simple WordPress sites in seconds and then export them to WordPress in just a few clicks. For those that want a drag and drop builder but still want to use WordPress Remixer might be right for them!

For more information about Remixer click here…


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