ProPresenter Nursery Number Setup 2020 Update

ProPresenter Nursery Number Setup 2020 Update
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2020 Update: This post was written for ProPresenter 6. A ProPresenter 7 Update Is Coming Soon

Does your church have a nursery or children’s department? If so you would no doubt benefit from being able to “notify” parents as needed without someone having to text or call the ProP operator. ProPresenter has an awesome built-in feature that allows messages to be triggered remotely via a web browser and sent to the output and discretely shown by using child numbers (It’s pretty awesome). So let’s dive right in! This tutorial’s illustrations are from a Windows version of ProP but the process is the same on Mac.

Step 1: Download & Install Our Slide Template

In order for your message to be displayed in a lower third type format, you will need to use a custom lower third template. In order to speed up that process, we have created one for you which can be downloaded here: ProP 6 Template

To install this template simply go to File> Import> Import File (Windows) and select “Child Text” in your downloads folder. That was easy, right?

Step 2: Creating The Message

In ProP navigate to the Messages icon or press Ctrl+M on PC.

Next, create a new message by pressing the plus button.

Then, press the pencil or whatever that’s supposed to be :-).

Now, make sure you have the message you just created selected (It should be called New Message). Once selected verify that the Visible on Network box is checked.

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to leave messages that do not need to be available in the browser unchecked because anyone on the message web page can trigger any of the messages listed.

On the right side of the dialog, you will see a box entitled Tokens. Add a token called “Child Number” and “Room” by typing the title into the box below the list of already made tokens and clicking the “+” icon when finished.

Now in the text field labeled Message Text type what message template you want to be shown when a message is displayed replacing the Child Number and Room number by dragging the Token from the token box into the text field.

We used “Will the parent of (Child Number) please come to room #(Room). Thank you!

Now select the template we imported in step one by clicking the image labeled Template.

Optional: You may also select the amount of time you would like the message to appear by selecting the drop down labeled Display in the bottom right corner of the dialog. We suggest 10 Seconds.

Step 3: Triggering Messages Remotely

To view the web controller click the computer icon which should open your browser showing the web controller.

It should look something like this.

Messages can be sent by entering the Child Number and Room number and by pressing Send. The message will appear on ProP’s output as soon as send if pressed so make sure the information is correct before pressing the button. All you need to do is give the children’s director the link and they can easily send messages without the middleman! The link should look something like this: localhost:port/html/messages

Optional Step 4: Create A Shortlink

To make it a little easier we suggest creating a short link. You can do this by going to and pasting the web controller URL into the field. By doing this you will have a much easier to use link that should look something like this:


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